Microsoft Bing Chat has five advantages over ChatGPT

With its new Bing chatbot, Microsoft became the frontrunner in the AI race. The company is trying to extend that lead. It may have succeeded because the newly updated Bing Chat is more powerful than ever. Even better than ChatGPT itself.

Bing Chat is similar to ChatGPT in some respects. Microsoft is a big investor in OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, and uses the latest GPT-4 model in the backend of Bing Chat. So there are definite similarities in how the two work.

However, Bing Chat has advantages that ChatGPT doesn’t have. Here are five features of AI-powered Bing that make ChatGPT blush.

Bing Chat Has The Bing Search Engine

Eventually, ChatGPT will have browsing capabilities. Some early testers can even try it out now. But the latest publicly available version has no access to the Internet. The default version of GPT-3.5 has limited knowledge of the post-2021 world, leading to some serious limitations compared to Bing Chat.

bing search chat

You can view YouTube videos in Bing Chat

Microsoft has focused on making the conversation with Bing AI visually appealing. That’s why, from now on, the AI chatbot will insert various photos, graphics, and images when prompted. And no, you don’t have to ask the chatbot to do that. It’ll do that all by itself. Videos are a part of the experience. The chatbot even displays YouTube videos in the chat window.

Built In Bing Image Creator

ChatGPT is a purely text-based experience. On the other hand, Bing Chat integrates the Bing Image Creator, which lets you create AI art from a text request.

Bing AI Image Creator for Free

The Bing Image Creator is based on DALL-E, another OpenAI tool independent of GPT. You might expect that DALL-E creations can be queried in ChatGPT, but you’d need to be corrected.

In contrast, in Bing Chat’s creative mode, you can enter text, and the Bing Image Creator will be prompted to create four beautiful pieces of art from your input.

Free plugins are coming soon to Bing Chat

Plugins have been around in ChatGPT Plus for some time. Now Microsoft has decided to add plugins to Bing Chat as well. The chatbot will get plugins soon, the company said. Unlike ChatGPT, the Bing plugins will be free. Having plugins for a free service is certainly a big step forward. Microsoft announced the names of three partners: OpenTable, Wolfram Alpha, and Microsoft Math Solver.

Conversation Is More Natural With Bing Chat

Compared to Bing Chat, ChatGPT feels like a simple program. It is only interesting for nerds. In contrast, Bing Chat is almost friendly. When you load it for a new chat, you get a welcome message, while ChatGPT is just a blank page with an empty field to type in.

Bing Chat has built-in voice search on mobile, while ChatGPT doesn’t officially support it. You can use a third-party extension on a desktop, but it’s not the same. For newbies, it’s an easy transition when they can naturally talk to Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri.

Bing chat offers you some suggestions for follow-up questions or, in the case of image creation, ways to improve the images.

Bing Chat Is Easily The Best For Beginners

No one starts as an expert. Until you become familiar with creating prompts to discover exactly what you want from one of these chatbots, Bing Chat is simply the most accessible and useful for beginners.


The five topics mentioned here certainly only cover some of what you’d want to do with either chatbot, but at a basic level, they cover four key differences that those dipping a toe in for the first time will encounter. I use both daily, but Bing Chat is my preferred choice thanks to its added super capabilities over ChatGPT.

Bing Chat FAQ

Can you use ChatGPT on Bing?

Bing Chat is now available with ChatGPT without a waiting list. As a result, anyone with a Microsoft account can now use the new Bing with ChatGPT.

Is Bing chat the same as ChatGPT 4?

The internet access of Bing Chat makes it more up-to-date than ChatGPT.

Is GPT-4 free on Bing?

Visiting will allow you to access GPT-4 for free.

Can I use ChatGPT without login?

No, ChatGPT requires users to log in.

Can I use ChatGPT without a phone number?

You can use ChatGPT without signing up by using Bing Chat or Discord.

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