How to Get and Use the New Bing Chat Ai – Use ChatGPT 4 for Free

Microsoft has just released a new Bing, and the latest version of Chat GPT powers this new Bing chat AI. Microsoft has partnered with Openai, the company that makes chat GPT. You can access chat gpt4 for free to use the new Bing AI on your PC or Mac computer.

Microsoft has already integrated OpenAI’s technology into its Edge browser and Bing search engine. Users can also interact with AI via voice in mobile apps. To learn more about the Microsoft chatbot, check out this post to learn all about the new Bing.

What is Bing Chat?

Bing Chat is an AI chatbot from Microsoft based on OpenAI’s popular ChatGPT (version 4) Large Language Model (LLM) to give answers similar to what humans would give to questions. A new-generation version of OpenAI’s large language model has now been integrated into Bing’s chat feature, making it more powerful than ChatGPT.

Through this integration, users can ask the AI chatbot a series of questions and receive detailed, human-like answers with footnotes that link back to the sources. The chatbot can also help with creative tasks like writing poems, stories, songs, etc.

When was the Microsoft chatbot announced?

On February 7, 2023, Microsoft announced the new Bing for the first time in a limited preview, meaning that only a select number of people had access to it. This announcement came a day after Google announced its AI chatbot, Google Bard.

What AI model does Bing AI use?

Microsoft announced the Bing chatbot in February, saying it would use a next-generation OpenAI big language model explicitly customised for search. Five weeks after its launch, Microsoft announced that Bing Chat runs on Open AI’s latest language model, GPT-4. The only free way to access GPT-4 is through Bing Chat. ChatGPT 4 is a more reliable, intelligent and robust model than its predecessor, GPT-3.5.

How to access Microsoft ChatGPT Bing?

Bing Chat was initially available only through a waiting list. Still, now it’s available for general use at by downloading the new version of Microsoft Edge. The following steps will tell you how to access Bing Chat.

Step 1. Get the latest version of Microsoft Edge and select your platform.

Step 2. Open the new version of Microsoft Edge, and visit

Step 3. To access Bing Chat, you can either click on the chat tab on or hover over the Discover icon in the top-right corner of the sidebar to access it.

Microsoft Bing Chat

This feature is consistent with other Copilot features in Microsoft 365 applications such as PowerPoint, Word etc.

Bing Chat has been integrated into the Windows 11 search bar, allowing users to open a chat window in Microsoft Edge directly from their desktop.

It can also be used in the Edge mobile browser app and the Bing app.

How to use Bing GPT on Mac or Windows?

Here are the steps to use Bing AI with ChatGPT on Windows and Mac.

Step 1. Search for a real question on using your Edge browser.

Step 2. You will receive a typical result with links listed by ranking. However, the Bing AI interface appears on the right with a more human-like response and quotes from information sources.

Step 3. Click the Let’s Chat or Chat button at the bottom of the search box to access the chatbot.

Step 4. It will open a chatbot page. The Bing AI is content-oriented and remembers previous search queries. You can ask follow-up questions without starting over.

Step 5. To start a new conversation, click the New Topic button (broom icon next to “Ask me anything”) and ask a new question.

How to use Bing chat on mobile?

Before you can interact with the new Bing Chat, you’ll need to install the app on your phone, as you won’t be able to access the chatbot with another browser.

To use Bing Chat on your phone, use these steps:

  1. Open the Microsoft Bing app.
  2. At the bottom of the toolbar, click the Bing (blue) button.
  3. Type your message into the chatbot by clicking the Keyboard icon. (The default option is to use voice.)
  4. Under the Set Tone of Responses section, choose the Balanced option.
  5. Click the Send button to receive an answer to your question in the “Ask me anything” box.
  6. Ask related questions to refine the answer (as needed), knowing that Chat will understand the context. 
  7. A new chat session can be started by clicking the “New Topic” (broom) icon next to the search box.

Once you have completed the steps, you can repeat the instructions to get answers on a different topic. You can also click the microphone icon to voice the question instead of typing it.

Is Bing Chat better than ChatGPT?

With Bing Chat, you can verify accuracy more reliably than ChatGPT since it uses a broader range of information sources.

Unlike ChatGPT, which relies only on a single language model for its data, Bing Chat can access more up-to-date information and cross-reference answers to ensure accuracy.

Furthermore, Bing Chat is the only free platform that supports OpenAI’s latest language model, GPT-4.

These benefits make Bing Chat a better choice for an app than ChatGPT.

FAQs about Bing AI chatbot

Is Bing Chat free?

Bing Chat is completely free to use, but there are some restrictions. Users are allowed 150 conversations daily, with each session limited to 15 chats.

What is the name of the Microsoft chatbot?

Bing chat.

ChatGPT is now owned by Microsoft?

Microsoft, a major player in the software industry, recently announced its third investment in OpenAI. Microsoft had already invested in OpenAI in 2019 and 2021.

ChatGPT and Bing the same?

Both ChatGPT and Bing Chat are different chatbots. However, they share a common base of language models, namely the GPT-3.5 and the GPT-4.

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