How to Use ChatGPT 4 For Free Access?

OpenAI recently released its latest ChatGPT 4 model, which is much more potent than anything OpenAI has released. It is the most extensive language model system OpenAI has developed and comes with vision capability.

Statistics show that Chat GPT is attracting an estimated 96 Million users per month. With ChatGPT megahit splash, Open AI has recently introduced its latest iteration, ‘GPT 4’, which has become the most-talked-about launch in the tech world.

What is ChatGPT 4? What new features does it have to offer? How can I use GPT4 for free access?

Nevertheless, this guide offers simple ways to use ChatGPT 4 for free. You can access the advanced ChatGPT 4 language model without paying any price. So on that note, let’s jump to the guide.

How to Access ChatGPT 4 for Free?

Here are five websites that you can use to access GPT 4.

Use ChatGPT 4 for free on

Poe is a platform that allows you to explore and interact with various bots powered by Large Language Models (LLM) and third-party developers, including OpenAI and Anthropic. Poe may also allow you to create bots powered by these third-party LLMs. You can use Bots for various purposes, from learning, programming help, writing help, translation, summarization, entertainment, and many other things.

There is a daily limit of one GPT-4 query allowed by Poe. You can try it out here.

Use ChatGPT 4 for Free on Bing

Apart from these solutions, you can also get a taste of GPT-4 in Microsoft Bing Chat. Shortly after the GPT-4 model was released, Microsoft announced that its Bing AI was already running on the GPT-4 model (codenamed Prometheus). Bing AI has some additional features that ChatGPT 4 needs to include.

Use ChatGPT 4 for Free on HuggingFace

The Hugging Face’s Transformers library provides state-of-the-art AI models, including ChatGPT 4 (GPT-4). A permissive Apache license is used for the library, which can be downloaded from GitHub. With Hugging Face’s Transformers, users can leverage the AI capabilities of ChatGPT 4 (GPT-4) to improve their NLP models, test new ideas, or even develop new applications.

Use ChatGPT 4 for free on

The platform allows users to create LLM applications using a chat interface through which they can share them. Recently, introduced a new feature that allows users to experiment with the ChatGPT 4 model for free. You can use ChatGPT-4 for free through this web platform, and there is no message limit here. Unlike Hugging Face, there is no queue or waiting time here so you can use it without any problems.

Use ChatGPT 4 for free on

Nat Friedman, the former CEO of GitHub, has developed a great tool to compare different LLM models offered by AI companies worldwide. is a website that provides users with an open playground to compare machine learning models side-by-side.


As AI continues to change the landscape of content creation, these pages offer a glimpse into the limitless possibilities of ChatGPT 4 (GPT-4) and the potential for new and innovative content.

We’ll also write an in-depth article on how you can use some of these free tools. Let’s know in the comments section if you’ve tried any of the tools from our list.

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