7 Free ChatGPT Extensions for Chrome That Are Insanely Useful

ChatGPT has become one of the most popular AI tools for writing professional emails, scripts for YouTube videos, blogs, etc. The source code is automatically generated, allowing you to create software without writing a single line of code. To extend its features, ChatGPT extensions are available for free.

Adding ChatGPT extensions to your web browser lets you quickly generate content, emails and tweets, solve math problems, create music, launch drip email campaigns, etc.

ChatGPT Extensions

Check out the best ChatGPT extensions and how they can improve your writing, emailing, and software development.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a language model chatbot developed by OpenAI based on GPT 4. A conversational tone is used to answer user queries through interactive and conversational dialogue. This tool provides answers to the most complex questions in a conversational style.

Moreover, ChatGPT can create software by generating code for developers. Even a person with little technical knowledge can quickly develop software and websites.

You can also write blogs, long books, video scripts, and even make music with ChatGPT. People can even find answers to their questions just like they do on Google. If you want to use ChatGPT, you must create an account for OpenAI, which is free to use.

Users can extend ChatGPT features to web browsers thanks to free ChatGPT extensions.

7 Free ChatGPT Extensions for Chrome

Use ChatGPT easily; several extensions are available. Some are used for creating emails, others for blogs or articles, creating no-code websites or music, preparing for interviews and creating email campaigns. Here is the list of the 10 best free ChatGPT extensions.

ChatGPT for Google

ChatGPT for Google

ChatGPT for Google is a free extension that users can find in the Google Web Store and install on the Google Chrome web browser. To get an answer to your questions, all you have to do is add a question mark after your query while searching for answers on Google. After that, ChatGPT will provide relevant answers to your questions.

However, you must ensure you are logged into your OpenAI account to access ChatGPT through the Google extension. This way, users can get relevant answers to their questions in addition to Google search results.

ChatGPT Writer

This extension is helpful if you want to use ChatGPT directly in your Gmail account. However, having your own ChatGPT credentials to use this extension would be best. When you use ChatGPT in Gmail, you can type the whole email text into ChatGPT Writer. After it understands the context, it’ll reply automatically.

If users like the suggested content, ChatGPT will automatically paste it as a reply. The best thing about this extension is that it creates longer messages than other AI writing tools.


Writi.io – ChatGPT for LinkedIn and Email, users can create original content supported by ChatGPT directly from their LinkedIn or Gmail account. This allows users to quickly create LinkedIn bios, posts, articles, email replies, etc. It can also translate content and create relevant comments for LinkedIn posts.

To write articles, users need to enter some relevant keywords into Writi.io, and the program creates the content after understanding the context of the keywords. It also suggests three replies or comments for you to choose from.

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT is a free Chrome extension that can easily create and add summaries to the YouTube videos the user is watching. Users can see the video summary by clicking the summary button on the thumbnail when browsing YouTube videos. This extension can also be used for Safari web browsers.


The Chrome extension TweetGPT allows users to create tweets in seconds using the openGPT API. When the user opens a tab on Twitter, an icon appears in the tweet area. When the user taps on it, a tweet reply is generated.

However, to create a reply, it follows the tone of the original tweet. The current tweets are examined, and similar replies are made to create a new tweet.

Addy.ai A.I. Email Assistant

Addy.ai A.I. email wizard designs emails for users and is supported by ChatGPT. It is a great tool to write professional emails and save valuable time. It allows companies to draft emails, summarize longer emails, develop action plans, and more. The default settings allow users to set the tone for emails.

To use this ChatGPT extension, open it, sign up for the account and give access to the Gmail account you want to use. For example, when you open Gmail to write emails, the Addy.ai tooltip will appear to set the tone of the emails. Once this is done, you will receive a suitable reply that will add to the context of your previous email.

Use ChatGPT with WhatsApp and Telegram

You can use ChatGPT with some of the most popular chat platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram. You must first install Telegram Web or WhatsApp Web on your PC to use it. After that, you can download the ChatGPT source file via GitHub. Finally, you need to set and configure a few things, and then you can quickly run ChatGPT on WhatsApp and Telegram.

ChatGPT allows users to send automated replies in multiple conversations at once. ChatGPT examines the context of the message and creates relevant replies to answer in the conversation. In addition, it can be used to create and send automated promotional messages to new and existing customers.

FAQs on ChatGPT Extensions

Is the ChatGPT extension safe?

Yes, ChatGPT extensions are entirely safe to use. These extensions do not save or send any information to anyone and will remain in search engines.

What can chatbots do?

Chatbots are program software that helps users automatically reply to received messages. These can be configured and respond differently to multiple messages containing specific keywords and even use machine learning to adapt their responses to the context.

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