Your Quick Guide to Enjoying Mexican Food

Plate of tacosWhat’s good about eating is you can explore different cultures. You get to learn the colorful (and flavorful) history behind each food and how a dish is associated with people and their culture. If you plan to go on an exciting culinary adventure, you might as well try Mexican dishes.

For starters, Mexican dishes are flavorful since they use a variety of spices. Many dishes are fried and have been mixed with cheese and sour cream. Other usual ingredients include beans, corn-based wraps, and grilled meats.

If you want to enjoy Mexican restaurants, such as those in Buena Vista, CO, here are some pointers to keep in mind.

Start small

You may feel overwhelmed with the wide variety of choices. If picking is not your thing at the moment, you can always go for the safe ones and choose those you’re familiar with. Get a taste of tortillas and tacos, for instance. Eventually, you can level up with fajitas, tamale, and the like. You can always ask the waiter for a recommendation.

Be liberal with spices

Your Mexican cuisine experience will not be complete without spices. Don’t be afraid and fill your dish with spices and flavors. If you’re all for spicy dishes, you can always incorporate jalapenos, dried chili powder, and garlic. Coriander, oregano, and cumin can also make your food explode with flavors.

Explore alternatives

There are many other choices if you’re not a fan of the regulars. For one, if you don’t like sour cream, you can always dip your tortillas in guacamole. If you don’t feel like eating chicken at the moment, you can try an oyster soup, stuffed crab (jaibas rellenas), and other seafood-based dishes.

These are only some of the tips that will help you enjoy and appreciate Mexican dishes. Fill your day with flavors by going to a Mexican restaurant with your family and friends.