3 May 2017

Why Bamboo Sheets Can be the Best Thing You can Buy

Hands and feet on a bamboo sheet

Bamboo bed sheets are often compared to Egyptian cotton for its breathability. There are numerous advantages to choosing to cover your bed with bamboo, but there are also a few drawbacks.

Good for the Health

Bamboo fibers are hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. They pull moisture from the sheets away from the body and naturally repel dust mites. This means children, especially those who are more prone to allergies, are less likely to be affected when sleeping on organic bamboo sheets from Cozy Earth.

Best for Comfort

The number one concern when choosing beddings and mattresses is the comfort it brings you while you sleep. The advantage of bamboo is that it is very breathable. Heat will not become trapped under the sheets so that you will be cool and comfortable no matter the weather.

Easy to Clean and Durable

Body oils don’t stick to organic bamboo, which means it’s not necessary to frequently change and clean the beddings. Less frequent changes mean less wear and tear on the fabric, though bamboo sheets are known for their durability. 

Compared to other fibers which are shorter lengths interwoven to the specified length, bamboo fibers are long and stretched out through the entire length of the sheet, adding to the strength of the material. Fewer washes and excellent durability means your bamboo bed sheets will look brand new for quite a long time.

Premium Pricing

Comparable bed sheets are cheaper than organic bamboo. However, that’s only true for upfront costs. Compared to the length of time the bamboo sheet will last, as well as its durability, you can say that the costs are more than worth it.

Environmentally Sound

Bamboo grows incredibly fast compared to trees. This means they can be ready for harvesting in as little as two years, and they don’t need artificial fertilizers to ensure their rapid growth. 

Even while they’re growing, they absorb more carbon dioxide than another tree in a similar space would do. Thus, supporting the bamboo sheet industry also does its part in keeping the world a greener place.


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