Which UK Engineering Jobs Should You Apply For?

engineerAre you looking for engineering opportunities in Bristol? You’re in luck because there are many. The UK is one of the countries facing a shortage of these professionals. It needs almost 2 million more by 2025.

Engineering, though, is a broad field. It covers different kinds of industries, and the job descriptions vary. If you want to get the best return on your education and training, which type of work should you get?

The Most Profitable Engineering Jobs in the UK

Statista and Independent UK released an infographic on the top-earning jobs in the country in 2016. Taking first place were chief executives and senior officials. These positions could earn over £85,000.

Coming up second, though, was flight engineering. These individuals work in the aviation industry, which is also a lucrative industry, according to The Engineer. In 2018, the average salary of aerospace engineers is slightly higher than the previous year at £47,752. Senior engineers have the fastest growth. Their earnings jumped to over £50,000 in 2018 from less than £49,000 in 2017.

The Best UK Engineering Jobs for New Graduates

Engineering is a high-paying job for new graduates. Another Statista infographic revealed it occupied more than five spots on the list for the top 10 highest-paying graduate jobs in 2016. A graduate of mechanical engineering had the potential to earn £26,949. Software engineers, meanwhile, took home over £28,000. During this time, they received higher than the national salary average.

Engineering Jobs by Industry

For The Engineer, though, the engineers with the best salaries work in the oil and gas sector. Their average pay for 2018 is almost £54,000. This is despite the fact that it went down from 2017. A related industry, renewables, provides the second-highest wage at £52,653.

The telecommunications industry offers the lowest at no higher than £44,000, but it’s one of the fields with the biggest jump applications in London in 2017.

The variety of engineering jobs might mean that some have more comfortable working conditions than others. You can be strategic about it—that is, pursue those with the highest pay. You can also follow your passion. Either way, there are many types of work waiting for you.