3 March 2014
Business Adviser

Where The Rich Live

Rich LiveThe world is under the impression that the wealthiest of all the people live in America.  But the world is so big to make this conclusion absolute. Below are some countries with the wealthiest people.


After the recent economic downturn in most parts of Europe, Germany remains one of the countries with the highest  number of rich people. The wealth of rich Germans depend on building their career for the long-term and the way they save money.


China has many self-made millionaires who have leveraged the export industries, manufacturing, and financial services. Wealth came to be due to the strong relationship between businesses and the government.


Japan has a large number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Wealth depends on the stock market returns and staying away from equity investments.

United Kingdom

Over the centuries, Brits have been one of the richest races in the world due to massive colonialism. Banking and financial services are among the sources of the richest Brits.

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