When Inside is Better than Outside – Incognito in Weybridge

BracesBraces affixed to the inside surface of the teeth are known as lingual braces or by a brand name such as Incognito. Unlike common braces, Incognito braces are completely invisible. They are ideal for musicians, professionals or simply people who do not wish to show their teeth straightening treatment in plain view or have their mouth obstructed by metal wires.

Lingual braces were developed by Craven Kurz in 1976 but have only started gaining recognition in dentistry more recently. Incognito in Weybridge is a customised treatment that takes into consideration the shape of the teeth and the extent of the misalignment of each patient. To fit them, a dentist, such as those at Weybridge Orthodontics, need to be trained as a braces dentist.

The process of getting Incognito in Weybridge

Lingual braces are not different from common metal braces in terms of function – the only thing that differs is their position in the mouth. Patients will need to visit the dentist twice for Incognito in Weybridge. In the first appointment, an oral examination will be followed by a thorough discussion between the patient and the dentist.

During this time, patients will have the opportunity to ask questions and help the dentist create a customised treatment plan. Unlike metal braces that are simply attached to the teeth, lingual braces need to be tailored for each individual tooth, therefore their placement will occur after the braces are designed by a laboratory.

During the first appointment, a dentist will also take moulds (or digital images) of the patient’s teeth and these will act as a guide for the creation of Incognito braces.

Once the braces are ready, patients will return to the dental practice and they will be applied to the back of their teeth with the help of a dental cement. The final stage of the installation of Incognito braces involves the placement of an archwire, which will apply gentle but constant pressure to the teeth.

Who can take advantage of Incognito in Weybridge?

Incognito braces are suitable for most patients since they can fix a wide variety of dental issues, though the teeth need to be a certain length, so they may not work for children or adults with short teeth.