What to Look for in Siren Speakers

siren speakers on top of vehicleDid you know that the original intention for siren speakers was to be musical instruments? Furthermore, a physicist and a philosopher came up with this idea, and the world has never been the same again.

Today, siren speakers act as warning devices on the road and are critical components of an emergency vehicle.

What to look for in Siren Speakers


Decibel is a measure of the loudness of any sound. A normal conversation is about 60 decibels. Therefore, any speaker should handle about 120 decibels comfortably. An emergency siren speaker should be able to handle more than 120 decibels.

Speaker Sensitivity

The sensitivity of a speaker is a measure of the loudness of speakers concerning the power that the speaker draws from an amplifier. An emergency siren speaker should be in a position to handle a sensitivity of at least 120 dB.

Speaker Wattage

Decibels express loudness of sound, while a watt is a measure of power. Thus, the wattage of a speaker is an indication of the speaker’s power output. The trick to choosing the right speakers is to ensure your speakers can handle the output power that you create for your speakers.

Creating more power will result in damage to your speaker.

100-Watt or 200-Watt Siren?

The most common wattage for sirens in the market is 100- and 200-watt siren speakers. A 200-watt siren speaker is typically twice as powerful. Despite, the differences in the power output, both speakers produce much sound.

The key is making sure the siren speakers you choose are loud enough to get a wide reach.

If you are looking for the best sound from your siren, it should be loud enough to cut through any noise in the surroundings. With the right choice of a 200-watt speaker for your siren, you can be sure you will always be heard on the road.