Water Wells You Can Install on Your Property

Water WellWater is an abundant element on Earth. The planet, in fact, consists mostly of water. Only a small percentage of it, however, is fit for human use and consumption. This is why people look for alternative means to get access to clean water.

Water well providers, such as exterradrilling.com, says that a dependable supply of water is vital in most life situations. Apart from the water running through household and commercial water pipes, some households opt to install water wells to ensure that they always have an ample supply of clean water. If you prefer to have a water well to serve as an extra water supply, consider reviewing these well types before installing one on your property.

Drilled Wells

People consider drilled wells as modern wells. These wells require complicated drill rigs often mounted on big trucks. Creating drilled wells requires workers to drill the ground that’s at least a thousand feet deep. Workers would then seal the space around the casing with grounding material to prevent contamination. They then install a pump to help bring the water to the surface.

Driven Wells

Driven wells work best for shallow waters. Workers construct these wells by placing a small diameter pipe into the sand. Next, they install a screen that will serve as a filter. While driven wells are economical and simple to construct, they are prone to contamination because of its shallow depth.

Dug Wells

People traditionally construct dug wells through manual digging using a hand shovel. They keep digging until the incoming water surpasses the digger’s bailing rate. Workers then cement or cover the well with stones to prevent collapse. There are still people who resort to installing this type of well in different parts of the country and around the world.

Drilled, driven, and dug wells are the well types to consider when installing a water well on your property. Regardless of the well type, it’s important to ensure that the water inside the well is clean so you and your family can use it.