Vape Juice: What’s in It, What’s It For, and Is It Safe?

Man Smoking Electronic CigaretteAmong all the customization options available for vaping rigs, one of the most exciting ones is the assortment of vape juices. Vape juices come in a variety of forms and can create a more pleasurable experience for vape users. Best of all, vape juice is available pretty much everywhere, from online stores like Independent Vapor Company, to mall shops and stalls.

However, some people are hesitant about vape juice because they don’t know what it is. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s inside your vapors.

What’s It For?

Essentially, vape juice is for vapers who want to add a different flavor to their vaping experience. These flavors can range from classic ones like vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry, to crazy and creative flavors like pizza or roast beef (yes, those exist!).

Juices add an extra layer of customizability to vaping, making it an attractive option for people who are looking to elevate their vapors.

What’s It Made Of?

Vape juices are made from a few things: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. These chemicals might sound scary, but they are all safe. Vegetable glycerin is derived from plants, hence the name. Vegetable glycerin, or VG, creates massive amounts of smoke when vaporized.

Propylene glycol is used because artificial flavorings are easily suspended in it. Propylene glycol is also the main ingredient in asthma inhalers, which makes it an acceptable chemical for vaping consumption. The last ingredient is nicotine. Some juices can have as much as 32 milligrams of nicotine, and as little as zero.

Is It Safe?

Yes. Good quality vape juices will use organic VG and just the right amount of PG, as well as provide options as to how much nicotine it contains.

Vape juices come in a variety of flavors, nicotine strengths, even cloud dispersion. They are safe, fun, and easy to use.