Unmatched Sporting Accuracy with Pocket Radar Guns for Baseball

When radar guns first came into the hands of the masses after invention, their place was in highway patrols. Nobody foresaw the historic move of radar guns for baseball applications when they made their first entrance in the sports arenas in the mid-1970’s. Since then, radar guns have found common usage among scouts and baseball players, and coaches alike.

The wave of popularity

The reason behind this radar gun popularity is that they offer accurate feedback concerning pitching, throwing and hitting velocities. For this reason, radar gun manufacturers like Radar Sports, LLC aim for accurate speed reading and feedback from this gadget. A radar gun with inaccurate performance is no different from a glove with a hole.

Well, after utilizing advanced engineering skills, many companies have had a grip on radar gun accuracy issues. However, there is one radar gun that is way ahead of the rest—the pocket radar.

Understanding its design

The pocket radar is a unique kind of a radar gun as it is so portable that it can fit in your pocket. Also, unlike the other radar guns that resemble a gun, the pocket radar looks more or less like a cell phone. Do not get the design specifications wrong; the pocket radar is as useful and accurate as any other kind of radar gun in the market.

Classic and ball coach models

The pocket radar is available in two models: the ball coach and the classic. By design, the classic model is an all-purpose radar gun that can measure almost any object that is in motion. This model is also able to read swing and pitch speeds accurately.

The Ball Coach, on the other hand, is a more advanced model that is most suitable for speed clocking in sports. It contains a constant-on mode that works hands-free and has a high recall memory of about 25-speed readings. The ball coach model is suitable for individuals looking for a radar gun to clock both softball and baseball speeds.

The invention of the radar gun and its introduction into the sporting world has changed things for the better. And, with pocket radars joining the market, you now have a broad range of choice for a radar gun for baseball sporting.