Understand Substances that Buildup on Your Roof and How to Control Them

Gutter BuildupHarmful substances tend to build up on the roof, and eventually cause extensive damage to your roofing material. Below are key precautions needed to control the troublesome buildup of substances on the roof.

It’s important for you to observe recommended roof maintenance practices to prolong the usefulness of your roofing. Common roof buildups, such as ice dams and moss accumulation can be taken for granted, while along they are the things likely to bring down your roof in time.

Gutter Buildup

The gutter is highly prone to the buildup of dirt, debris, and leaves. The rate of dirt collection in your gutter will be determined by the weather and surrounding features. Warm, dusty, and windy climatic conditions worsen gutter buildup. Also, if you have tree branches hanging over your gutter, then you can be sure the buildup will be intense. Clean your gutter regularly using a roof rake.

Moss Buildup

Mostly, the shaded areas of your roof will have the highest accumulation of moss growth. Moss thrives in shaded, wet areas on the roof. Cut back tree branches hanging over the roof because direct sunlight will discourage moss growth. Action Maintenance & Construction Northwest opines that removal of roof moss is critical because prolonged roof moss cover will weaken your roof and accelerate degradation.

Ice Dam Buildup

In winter, the snow on the upper part of the roof melts and some of the water that drains refreezes on the edges of your roofing. The ice weighs down the roofing and also obstructs the rest of the water from flowing down. As a result, water accumulates and begins to penetrate through the roofing material. To control roof leaks and ice dam damage, get a roof cleaning professional in good time to remove the ice dam buildup. Experts suggest you build a roof with ample ceiling insulation. You can also have a roof renovation done to accommodate more insulation.

If you want your roofing to last long, then you should include roof moss removal among the top priorities of your home maintenance practices.