U.S. Motorcycle Companies Target ‘Sleeping License Holders’

motorbike on the road ridingSeveral motorcycle manufacturers in the U.S. aim to convert almost 8 million Americans who have riding credentials to buy motorbikes, who are otherwise called “sleeping license holders.”

These people comprise those that were once active riders. However, reasons such as marriage, having children and a demanding job have forced them to quit and focus on other things. Others simply completed safety and rider training yet decided not to buy a motorcycle.

Awakening new customers

Motorcycle companies want to convert sleeping license holders into new clients, as more baby boomers that no longer seek the riding experience. Harley-Davidson, for instance, seeks to lure 2 million new Americans in the next 10 years. This represents a tough ordeal since it would mean a 25% increase in registered motorbike users in the country.

On the other hand, a successful marketing campaign would be beneficial for automotive suppliers like JMC Equipment. Millennials, in particular, could be a viable target market. They consider riding to be a valuable experience, although they are reluctant to purchase their own bike, according to motorcycle enthusiast Genevieve Schmitt.

Traffic solution

Harley-Davidson may want to convince more Americans to buy motorcycles by promoting them as a solution for traffic problems. Research claims that congestion on roads would drop by 40% if only 10% of the commuters use motorbikes or scooters.

The problem of congested highways could be gone entirely if 25% use motorcycles, yet it will be difficult to convince many people to give up their cars. It is up to motorcycle companies on how they intend to overcome this challenge.

Motorcycle manufacturers in the U.S. could lure more customers by rebranding the riding experience as a safer mode of transportation and as a potential solution to heavy traffic.