Types of Lock Systems Used for Safety Boxes

safety box with cash insideIn today’s world, various documents and items can significantly affect your financial situation. Some of them include your will, power of attorney, financial documents, and high-end jewelry. A safe deposit box is hence a vital requirement.

When choosing a safe deposit box in Columbia, SC, its lock system is one of the critical considerations. This, after all, ensures that the contents of your box are well secured. Here are the types of lock systems that you can choose for your safe deposit box:


These are used in electronic safes. The safes have a keypad with numbers on them. You will enter a password, which is typically four to six digits, to open the safety box. A password is easy to use, highly secure, and can be accessed by multiple people (provided they know the code). However, these lock systems are costly to install and repair in case you forget the password.


These lock systems are highly sensitive and will recognize you without error. Some of the methods used for recognition include voice identification as well as fingerprint and retinal scanning. Biometrics are easy to use, provide you with top-notch security, and require little time. However, injuries that affect your retina, fingers, or voice interfere with these lock systems.

Mechanical Locks

The standard type of mechanical lock used for safedeposit boxes is a key lock. Do not opt for cheap key locks since they can be picked easily and might hence not provide adequate protection. Mechanical locks are affordable to repair and install, and they offer sufficient security.

If you are aiming for the highest security level, you can use a combination of all the given lock systems. Various companies can provide you with a safe deposit box. You should work with one interested in your financial well-being and security rather than profit.