Types of Engraving for Headstones

a headstoneYou will need to make many choices during your loved one’s funeral. Though this is an emotionally trying period for you, making the right decisions is crucial. The headstone is among the many things that you should pick. This is, after all, the most significant element that you will use to create a befitting memorial.

You will make various choices when assessing headstones in Taylorsville: their font, material, design, and inscription. Most people have no issue with the wording of their dedication, but picking the best engraving option might be a hassle. Here are the types of engraving you will come across for the headstone.


In these headstones, only the rock is exposed to the sandblaster. The inscription or image is made using a pressurized jet of steam, sand, and air. This jet erodes unwanted rock to create your intended design. Sandblasted headstones are cost-efficient, simple, and have minimal maintenance needs.


Though etching was done using acid in the past, lasers are the etching tools nowadays. It is primarily done on polished black headstones and results in white lettering or designs. Though more costly compared to sandblasting, etching does not penetrate your stone as deeply as sandblasting.

Gold Leaf Engraving

This is the option for those looking for elegant headstone inscriptions and images. In this option, the headstone’s inscriptions are deeply etched then glided over using gold leaf. Since the tombstone is exposed to various weather elements, it requires regular maintenance to keep the gold looking shiny and well done.

The headstone you select should accurately reflect and celebrate your loved one’s life. Getting the best engraving option for your budget goes a long way in achieving this feat. Talk to the experts from your funeral home to find out the best engraving option for your headstone.