Tying the Knot: 3 Important Things to Discuss as a Couple Before Marriage

couple talking while holding handsAre you and your partner ready to take your relationship to the next level as you tie the knot? Consider these three important aspects before entering marriage.

1. Definite Decision

The first thing you have to consider before getting married is to assess if you and your partner’s decision is definite. Are you sure you both want to marry at this point in the relationship? Aren’t you simply being pressured by your families, friends, or even your partner? These are important questions to ask before jumping into marriage.

Make sure that you also take time to carefully come up with a solid and mutual decision of when to marry and what your non-negotiables are in the union.

2. Financial Stability

Financial or work stability are vital aspects to consider before getting wed. While these are complex matters to talk about seriously just when you’re getting into the excitement of wedding planning, you have to sit down and discuss it as a couple. Since you both come from different socio-economic backgrounds, it is imperative to reach an agreement on how you would save, spend, and share money as a married couple.

Also, gauge whether you have a stable job or source of income to sustain your needs as a couple, and, in the future, as a family. Waiting until you are financially ready is a wise decision than rushing into marriage.

3. Prospective Residence

Lastly, getting into marriage without an idea of where to live will be very difficult. If you and your partner are considering marriage in the long run, do find a prospect residence early in the relationship.

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Of course, there are other important aspects you have to discuss as a couple before proceeding with the marriage, but these three are good starters. If you can address these concerns, you’re certainly ready to tie the knot.