Tricks to Ensure a Positive Return of Investment in a Trade Show

trade show eventJoining a trade show is no small feat and requires a substantial investment. It has the potential to open your business to new opportunities in little time. Hundreds of deals are made at trade shows, while some do leave empty-handed.

Learn about these trade show tricks to ensure a definite return of investment in any trade show your business joins.

Convey Your Brand Image Through Your Exhibit

Your trade show space or booth is not just a place to park your promotional materials while your team hands them out to attendees. Your booth is your exhibit and your exhibit must convey what your brand is all about.

First impressions last and in the overwhelming, stimuli-loaded atmosphere of a trade show you must wow your potential clients in a split second. To do this, consider allocating a substantial budget for a sleek space where your prospects can experience your products.

Consider spending for eye-catching and engaging corporate video production that can be played in-booth or on trade show screens to convey what your company is all about.

Save the details for printed promotional materials to keep your videos short and sweet. Most trade shows have limited common areas for attendees to rest and take a break so if you have the budget, consider putting tables and chairs and offering refreshments to attract attendees. For an impression of high social validation, enlist your employees to come dressed as attendees during peak periods.

Clever Promotional Materials and Giveaways

Like anyone, trade show attendees can be swayed to visit your booth by some attractive promotional giveaways so forget about handing out pens in favour for eye-catching and useful wearables that can serve as free moving advertising around the trade show grounds.

Consider premium items that attendees are likely to bring home, like office friendly backpacks, portfolio bags and lunch bags nicely styled with your brand logo. Even if you already have an audio-video presentation of your company, brand and products, printed promotional materials still have a place in trade shows. Prepare fliers and catalogue to include your contact details, office addresses and complete product line for attendees to refer to.

Make sure every quid spent on joining a trade show brings back returns in added sales or new opportunities by executing these clever tricks to ensure your company, brand and products stand out.