Travel Eco-Friendly: Useful Tips to Keep in Mind

A map with thumbtacks on different parts of the mapTraveling is one good way to experience different lifestyles and cultures. But on a more serious note, it contributes to the further destruction of the earth, sometimes on an even wider scale.

Luckily, there are ways to travel and have fun while taking care of the environment. Eco Hotels recommends these eco-friendly tips for your next adventure:

Choose your accommodation wisely

There are various eco-friendly hotels in the Philippines, the United States, and in Singapore, among other countries. Choosing an environmentally friendly accommodation is one of the best ways to ensure that you are not harming nature. Do your research and see if your chosen hotel is approved by authoritative agencies. Ask around on what methods they use to promote sustainable development.

Bring reusable things

Avoid getting plastic bags when shopping; bring your own reusable bag instead. Stay away from plastic water bottles and bring your own BPA free bottle, which you can refill instead. More countries promote sustainability and install water filters where people can safely get drinking water.

Take public transport

Reduce carbon emission from renting private vehicles by taking public transportation when going around. A better option would be riding a bicycle. It doubles as exercise and lets you appreciate the beauty of the community even more.

Turn appliances off

Everyone is guilty of leaving the TV on while falling asleep or taking long hot baths. It’s true that staying at a hotel means not having to pay power and water bills. But consuming more than what you need just because it is “free” is not helping the environment in any way. Turn off appliances just as you would when you are home.

Who says taking care of the earth while traveling is an impossible feat? By being responsible travelers, you can do your part in saving the environment.