Top 3 Reasons Your Sales Team is Underperforming

a businessman failingYou may not have been aware of this alarming fact, but about half of all sales rep ever make quota. This is a startling reality, given all the sales resources available today. You ask, “What could be the problem?” The answer to this puzzling question could be the key you need to turn things around in your company. Here are some reasons why sales teams often miss their target:

You’re not taking training seriously

It’s not enough that you hire top talent. To keep productivity levels high, you’ll need to equip them with adequate skills. You need not worry about spending a fortune in the process. There are affordable and high-quality retail sales training courses both online and offline. Ensure that your employees have a keen understanding of key sales performance metrics.

You’re getting it wrong in setting quota

How clear is your benchmark? Setting unrealistic and baseless quotas will always make it impossible for your sales rep to hit targets. You need to take a closer look at your historical data and find out how your business has been performing over time. For instance, know the average time it takes for opportunities to convert into deals, and how you can improve on that.

Your sales reps don’t clearly understand their roles

Every member of your team needs to have a clear understanding of their individual roles, so they can execute their roles effectively. For example, an inbound sales rep should not spend too much time attending meetings in the field. Rather, they should focus more on the roles assigned to them, like making calls and attending to leads in their queue.

While the reason your sales team may not be hitting their target is they’re not cut out for the job, many have to face the facts and take the blame. By simply implementing the right structure, you can get things back on track.