Tips in Choosing the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

woman wearing engagement ringDiamonds are forever, that’s what the promise of giving an engagement ring from the man to the woman he loves. Whether plain and simple, vintage, antique or handed down from the previous generation, you convey the same message.

Jewellery expert Finecraft Jewellery states that London offers one of the best shopping centres for people looking to get that perfect engagement ring for their partner. One particular area in the Holborn district on the Borough of Camden is a street called Hatton Garden.

So among the engagement rings available, which one should you choose?

Vintage Engagement Rings

One cannot deny the beauty of an old, timeless engagement ring. However, many are still having problems differentiating a vintage ring from an antique ring. Vintage engagement rings are usually crafted from the previous generation, say, at most no older than 50 years.

Antique Engagement Rings

On the other hand, engagement rings older than that falls under the category of antiquity. There are at least three popular periods of antique engagement rings originated: Georgian (early 17th century), Victorian (late 18th century), and Edwardian (early 19th century).

Simply put, you can differentiate the rings based on the design (vintage) and age (antique).

Estate Engagement Rings

Meanwhile, both vintage and antique can fall into the category of being called estate engagement rings as it refers to both design and age. But more importantly, estate engagement rings are considered more expensive as it was previously owned by someone popular or could feature a distinct stone.

Popular Cuts and Designs

There are popular diamond cuts you might find enticing if you are looking for that perfect engagement ring. Among the popular engagement rings have round, princess, cushion, emerald, and heart-shaped cuts.

If you are looking for artistic designs, ask your jeweller for Art Deco, Filigree, and Art Nouveau engagement rings.

These are your choices. Of course, there are more. Talk to a reliable jeweller if you want more information.