Tips for an Unforgettable Launch Party in the Big Apple

Business opening conceptPlanning a launch party is no small feat. It requires solid organizational and crisis management skills. These qualities are even more critical when planning a launch party in the Big Apple.

New York is a one-of-a-kind cosmopolitan city. It’s practically the center of the world. It is a melting pot of cultures and disciplines, boasting everything from entertainment and fashion to technology and finance. As such, the city and its residents have seen a lot and developed higher standards and expectations.

Don’t let this fact distract you from your planning. Here are the elements behind every successful launch party in New York and everywhere else.

An Ideal Date

Think carefully about the date of your launch party. Don’t choose a random Friday night. Give yourself enough time to plan and get everything ready. Don’t forget to check for any major events or holidays that may conflict with your launch party. Steer clear of weeks that coincide with large conferences that your company has to take part in as your focus should be on your launch. Also, avoid launching on holiday weekends as your guests will most likely skip your event in favor of a long-planned getaway.

A Strategic Location

Many hold their launch events in hotel banquet halls because of the logistical support available in these venues. It’s a tired strategy, however, and may no longer interest the VIP guests and crowd you need for your launch party. Think outside the box and find a unique venue. Fortunately, New York City offers one-of-a-kind event venues, from historical theaters to high-tech studios. Book a place that’s accessible and just the right size for your expected attendees. Guests will appreciate your company for the chance to mingle and network. From a marketer’s perspective, consider a venue in a hip district with which your product or company identifies the most.

A Creative and Memorable Show

Plan a creative show or focal point to remind your guests why they attended. For instance, invite artists to do something creative with the product you’re launching so guests will see how they can maximize it. Such a program also gives you the opportunity to set up a gallery display to further showcase your product. Brainstorm within your company for a creative and memorable way to introduce your product. Involve bloggers and influencers to get the word out regarding any gimmick brewing related to the launch as well.

A Team of Experienced Organizers

While it pays to be on top of things, let your organizers do the running during the launch. As company representatives, you need to focus on hosting and networking. Let the coordinators, caterers, bartenders, and waiters do their jobs so you can do yours.

It’s easy to be intimidated by the thought of planning a launch party in New York City; but, when you peel away the expectations and standards, all it takes are these tips for your launch to be an unforgettable success.