Three Reasons to Study in Singapore

Students in a classroom Singapore is experiencing a sea of change in its academic field and several industries. It opens up doors to skilled expats and improves upon its work-study programmes for professionals who would like to take up different courses in Singapore. The country is the best math and science provider for secondary education students. It is also home to the best universities in Asia, with the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) making it to the top 10 and top 20 spots in rankings.

Here are the reasons you should consider Singapore for your academic endeavours:

Access to world-class facilities

Nothing beats studying in Singapore, with world-class tourism spots and high-quality facilities within arm’s reach. The communities are safe and secure, as people are imbued with a sense of discipline and reverence to the law unlike anywhere else in the world. Accommodations are varied as well, ranging from cheap and luxurious. Either way, your surroundings are clean and safe, as well as very close to private and public amenities.

Work and study at the same time

Opportunities for those who would like to pursue part-time job while studying abounds in Singapore. Renowned schools, such as the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and SIM University (UniSIM), offer course sponsorship programmes in information technology, hospitality, engineering, and finance. Graduating high school students and professionals are the target market for these programmes.

Access to a great job market

As long as you possess a student or work pass, you will always have the flexibility to apply for a job you like. The same is true for students who wish to complete their on-the-job training in Singapore. What’s great about this is that local companies often absorb interns who have worked for them in the past. Also, pay is above average and is commensurate with experience in Singapore.

If you want to pursue your education and enrol in courses in Singapore, it’s high time for you to do so, thanks to recent developments in the country’s education segment. Get in touch with your local school or embassy to know more about these programmes.