Three Reasons Living Near Water Improves Mental Health

house near the beachThe scenic views and fresh air are the perfect combo that makes people yearn for that precious life at a waterfront property. However, as if that’s not enough, living near the ocean, a lake, or a river has its own health benefit: it is good for the mind. There are three reasons why:

It gives your brain that much-needed rest.

Noise pollution is everywhere, and this doesn’t just refer to car horns or road construction noises outside your Maine apartment. Even domestic noises, like the subtle ringing of your phone, can disrupt the quietness of the environment. Additionally, people are more visually distracted than before with all the new technologies such as multi-display and multi-color graphics.

The brain needs to take a break from all this unceasing, excessive stimulation of the senses. That’s what living near water does. There’s no absolute silence, but the noises are easier to take in than those in the city. With just the ocean, the trees, and the horizon, you can freely look at the clear and beautiful scenery. If you want this kind of lifestyle, ask one of the experts from Waterfront Properties of Maine.

It makes you contemplate.

Ever wondered how you could sit for a long time just looking at the movements of water in the ocean? That’s because such movement of water makes you meditate. It catches your attention in a subtle way, so your brain makes you contemplate. Mindfulness, as you know, has a lot of mental health benefits—from reduced stress and anxiety relief to sounder sleep.

It inspires you with awe.

When you look at the wonders of nature, you begin to realize that there’s something bigger than you. Thus, you begin to appreciate nature and be humbled by it. At the same time, you make sense of your experience by realizing that you’re a part of this vastness. All these feelings of humility and being connected to nature lead to empathy toward others, which isn’t just good for the mind but for the spirit as well.
The best way to live is to live near the ocean, a lake, or a river. Therefore, don’t just long for those days when you wake up to the refreshing view of the lake. Make it a reality.