Things to Remember Before Having Your Car Tinted

Man applying car window tintIf you are looking for ways to amp up your car’s aesthetics, then going for a new tint is certainly going to be your jam. It immediately makes your car look cool and protected, plus, there are many other benefits to car tinting. However, just like any other procedure that you are planning to do or has done to your car before, there are a couple of things that you should take note of before going ahead and having that car window tinting in AZ installed.

Knowing the Tint Laws

In America., car tinting laws are very specific. You have to abide by the law or else, your tinting job will all be for nothing and you would most probably have to revert it back to its original state. There’s this thing called a “Visible Light Transmission” or VLT, which determines what percentage of visible light is allowed through your car windows.

In Arizona, the VLT is very specific. If you want to learn more about Arizona tinting laws, then click here.

Determine Which Tint You Want

There are four major types of window tints: Dyed, Metallized, Hybrid, and Ceramic. Dyed window films can block from five up to fifty-five percent of light from entering your vehicle. It places a layer of dye between the adhesive layer and protective polyester top coating.

Metallized window films can block ten to forty percent of light from coming through your window. It consists of many layers which can protect your car from sun damage and even the harsh weather.

Hybrid Tints can block five to fifty percent of the light that comes in your car windows. It is a mix of both the dyed and metallized tints and offers all of its advantages. Needless to say, this type of tint is a little bit more expensive but totally worth it.

Ceramic tints can block thirty to fifty percent of the sunlight. It is made of an adhesive layer which is bonded to a thin ceramic layer which is then protected by a top coat.

If you want professional advice on what type of tint you should get for your car, then go ahead and enlist the help of a professional car tinting company.