The Wonderful Benefits of Living in the Beautiful Melbourne’s North Growth Corridor

Skyline of AustraliaWho wouldn’t love to see the beauty of Mother Nature right outside their windows on a daily basis? For those who want to bring up their families in a close-knit and peaceful community, there is no better place to settle down than in a house and land property in Donnybrook, Melbourne, VIC.

And if you need more reasons to consider living around this lovely area, read on.

Nature-Filled Attractions

Their tourist attractions are quite prolific and are mostly nature-filled. For the more athletic adventurers, there’s “The Ultimate Karting Experience” also known as TUKE, in South Morang, Victoria, the Uncle Nev’s Horse Riding farm, in Whittlesea, Victoria and the Kinglake Forest Adventures Park, located in Kinglake West, Victoria.

For golfers, there is The Growling Frog Golf Course and the Whittlesea Golf Club. There are also parks, recreation centres and other attractions perfect for the whole family.

Caring Community

The people in Donnybrook are one of the best reasons for staying. Friendly and kind-hearted neighbours are in abundance here and going home to your warm and welcoming neighbourhood at the end of a hard day’s work is a priceless feeling.

There are also regular community events and activities that are perfect for family members of any age and gender. These kinds of extras can make neighbourhood life a lot more pleasurable and enjoyable, especially for your children.

Healthy Living

Fresh crops and delectable produce abound in Donnybrook, and they are regularly offered at the numerous marketplaces and stores found all over town. These same food items are used in cooking the delicious dishes offered at the local restaurants and cafes.

Once lunch is over, do not forget to take in the lush greenery, the fresh air and the warm sunshine, which do wonders for your health.

Overall, Donnybrook has so much to offer to both tourists and residents alike. With that in mind, do consider the peaceful and suburban ambience that this charming place has to offer. Your family and possibly, your future grandchildren, will truly thank you for it.