The New Instagram Star Hints Aussies’ Love for Camping

A woman camping out in the woodsWhile cats are still popular on the Internet, there is another cute animal that’s taking social media by storm: Azuki.

Azuki is a hedgehog, which is not the most usual pet, but his charming looks are definitely hard to resist. His face, however, is not just the only reason for having almost 300,000 followers on Instagram. Most people love the adventures he takes.

Granted, Azuki is not Australian – he is Japanese. But the moment he goes camping, Australian news picks the story up, even pitting him against Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at least when it comes to social media following.

The reason is simple: the Aussies love to camp.

Driving Domestic Economy

The great wild outdoors, varied terrain, diverse culture, awesome food and laid-back lifestyle are just some of the factors that encourage a lot of Aussies to spend time outdoors. Whilst some love beaches, thousands prefer camping.

This popular activity has then been driving the economy. The industry could already be worth $19 billion. Moreover, most of these trips are within the regional areas, taken by domestic travellers.

Whether camping involves pitching a tent or staying in a camper depends on the age. In 2015, a report by Roy Morgan Research revealed that among those who camped, 6 per cent used a camper van or a motorhome. About 7 per cent pitched a tent. Those who are below 50 years old, however, are more likely to sleep in a tent.

It also depends on how many people are travelling. Based on the same report, younger ones who are on an adventure with their friends may choose to set up tents. Couples, on the other hand, may opt for a motorhome. The same could go for single travellers.

Bring On the Big Stuff

Adding to the growing popularity of camping is the opportunity to bring along the quintessential Ute. This vehicle is powerful and strong with an excellent towing capacity and a lot of space at the back. You can bring more than a tent and a Coleman of drinks.

You can further improve that when you include a lift off Ute canopy, which helps secure all your camping gear and needs. Depending on the user size, the canopy can act as another sleeping quarter.

Azuki is no doubt a very cute animal. But what makes him more endearing is his openness to embrace the Aussie lifestyle. That makes him a big winner in our books.