The Different Kinds of Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Flood on basementEvery homeowner dreads the day that they wake up to see a wet basement. From an unfinished basement with relentless dampness or leaks to a finished one that is soaked, water is bad news for your house. If you have leaking cracks, floors or walls in your basement, then you would need supplies from waterproofing suppliers in Sydney.

However, you will soon realise that you have a number of basement waterproofing repair system to choose from. This will rely on the unique construction and situation of your home. Here are the basic details regarding each:

Crack Injections

This type of repair procedure is usually ideal for poured concrete foundations where leakage comes from walls and not floors. Masonry foundations, including cinder block, stone or brick, are not great candidates.

Injecting a polyurethane or epoxy material into a crack can help stop water from seeping into the basement. However, there are basement waterproofing companies that consider this as a temporary solution and not a permanent fix.

Exterior Excavation Waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing consists of digging six to eight feet down to the footer of the foundation wall. It aims to correct drainage by setting up a new drain system or drainage tiles. Simultaneously, waterproofing companies will generally smear on waterproof membrane or material on the surface of the exterior wall. This guarantees that it does not leak inside again.

Interior Excavation Waterproofing

Contractors reveal that homeowners generally pick an interior waterproofing approach since it costs less compared to exterior waterproofing. Interior drain waterproofing system will resolve hydrostatic pressure, which is groundwater pressure pushing its way into basement foundations or walls.

Ultimately, you also have to remember that most cases do not require just one kind of repair, but a mixture of different methods is needed. If you’re still unsure of which type of repair your home needs, then it would be best to leave it to professionals.