The Different Causes of Tree Death

A tree being cut downTrees are a great addition to your yard because of the shade they bring, the small animals and birds they attract, as well as, the natural air they provide. Besides, they can also enhance the overall look of your yard as long as you know how to take care of them properly.

You might think that trees are low maintenance, but tree services in Tauranga such as Tree Fellers will explain to you that they still need TLC. This is why you have to be aware of the common reasons why they die to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Improper Pruning

Pruning must abide by the ANSI A300 recognised standards that the American National Standards Institute published. You see, proper pruning is a health treatment for trees. Unfortunately, it is one of the most ignored practices towards tree care.

Over Use of Herbicides

If chemicals are properly used, it can actually benefit the trees, as well, as their growth. Inappropriately used, however, herbicides can come in contact with the roots, and it can harm the health of the tree. Ensure that you follow the instructions for proper application.

Otherwise, it would be safer to have the assistance of a professional.


Both under and over watering trees can damage it. As you are aware, water is crucial for every tree, especially in dry seasons. Observe the moisture of the soil to guarantee that you gave it enough water.


Same as any plant, trees require enough sunlight and the location must be suitable for plant hardiness or climatic conditions. Try to picture the height the trees might reach and ensure that its path does not cross any power lines.

You must also check whether it has the perfect distance away from your house, other plants and other structures.

Keep in mind that those unkempt trees tend to die before their actual time. This is why you must have professionals prune or inspect these every year, particularly for trees planted near your home or around power poles.