The Dangers of Pro-Ana Websites

Skinny girl afraid of eating and obsessed with weightThe Internet can be filled with thousands of helpful and empowering resources for battling eating disorders. There are plenty of sites committed to supporting recovery, fighting the disorders, and even preventing the onset of such mental illnesses. The sad part is, there are also sites that promote anorexia and provide tips in hiding the eating disorder.

Pro-ana (pro-anorexia) or pro-mia (pro-bulimia) sites help people to continue living with eating disorders. Many of them feature personal stories, diets tips, as well as photos that encourage individuals to starve themselves and shed weight. They get people into thinking the being anorexic or bulimic are good lifestyles and not diseases.

Wrong Type of Support

These harmful resources exist in the form of websites, forums, blogs, as well as words like thinspiration. While many of them claim to support people with eating disorders, they deny what the anorexia and bulimia are serious mental illnesses. Help centers for eating disorders like EDCare note that this makes them dangerous for those who are vulnerable, as well as the sufferers.

Exacerbate the Illness

These resources support unhealthy eating behaviors, putting the person with an eating disorder in more harm. Another sad part is, some of these websites are exclusive or private, which can make people feel that they belong in a virtual community or family. They manipulate the minds of the people by posting tips, photos, and stories that are never helpful.

Turn to Helpful Site

It is important to remember, however, that anorexia and other eating disorders are not a lifestyle choice; they are illnesses. It is never advisable to engage in such websites, as they don’t help people get better. People need to understand that eating disorders have serious health complications and high death rate. It is best to visit sites and resources that are actually helpful.

The good news is, full recovery from anorexia or bulimia is possible. It may not be a straightforward process, but there plenty of recovery strategies that can help sufferers face these barriers. Getting support from friends and family is advisable to help individuals cope with recovery