The Common Denominators that Make a Business Sign Memorable

A large blank signage by a highwayThe primary function of advertising raises the awareness of the public regarding your brand and services. Ideally, you can achieve this by incorporating memorable signage outside your store. The majority of business signs are impeccably colour coordinated, properly balanced, carefully proportioned and aesthetically drawn. This means that they are effectively indistinguishable and completely predictable.

Memorable signs, which mostly use commercial screen printing, are usually the most attention-grabbing piece of scenery in the area. This is why mere people passing by notice them even when they are not searching for them. Luckily, having such a sign for your business is possible, but it will not be an easy or inexpensive feat.

Take the Hollywood sign sprawled throughout the Southern California hillside. These massive white letters is a renowned landmark across the globe. Believe it or not but the builder did not expect it to have this much impact locally and internationally. Originally, a real-estate developer just planned to erect this site to recognise his remote suburban division called Hollywoodland.

Although, keep in mind that not all business signs will turn into well-known landmarks. However, it is still best to consider the usual denominators that make a business sign memorable:

Memorable business signs are dramatic

This is mainly because they are usually three-dimensional, wholly gigantic and placed in odd areas. Strangely enough, these three standards all fit the famous Hollywood sign.

Memorable business signs are different

These signs contrast sharply with their environment because of several factors, including colour and installation qualities. For one, the snow-white letters of the Hollywood sign have a huge impact on its appearance, mainly because of its green and dark brown hillside surroundings. Its type of installation is unique for it is not written on a board or a pole. Rather, each of the letters rests right on the ground.

You might have thought that designing a perfect looking business signage might lure your customers, but that is not always the key. Imperfections stand out, as long as you know how to tickle their fancies.