The Best Tourist Spots in Sydney

Bus in SydneySydney is a vibrant metropolis in the heart of Australia. It is known for its beautiful harbour and skyline, as well as iconic landmarks both locals and tourists should not miss. Groups visiting the city can hire coaches to get around Sydney for some sightseeing.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Within the city confines, there is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which in itself is a must-see attraction. Visitors can climb the Bridge and have their pictures taken at the top. While it also offers a great view during the day, a night climb offers a better vista of the city and the harbour.

Sydney Opera House

In the 50 years since its construction, people all over the world have admired the Sydney Opera House and the architect’s vision for the building. This tourist attraction is usually included in the list of beautiful buildings to visit in the city. People also flock to the Opera House for the numerous great restaurants on the Quay offering some of the best food in Australia.

Royal National Park

Another place worth your time when you go to Sydney is the Royal National Park. Although not hard to find, this piece of nature is a place some native Sydney residents have not even visited. Composed of 15,091 acres of bushland south of the city, it is an outdoor playground where you can enjoy nature, relax and recharge. It has paths for trekkers including a 26-kilometer trail that can take you two days to reach the end.

Sydney is an interesting metropolis and an important business centre for Australia. It also happens to be a popular destination for tourists, with plenty of things to see and discover. It is fortunate that it is easy to book luxury buses or coaches when you want to go on sightseeing this wonderful city.