The Beginners Guide to Air Conditioning Systems

Image of a girl and a split-type ACThe window air conditioner is the most common system used for single rooms. No wonder it is also the most commonly known. The components; a condenser, expansion valve, compressor and the evaporator are all in a single box.

What the homeowner sees is a single wall slot in the room and sometimes a windowsill. However, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning designers will recommend that you cover the split system air conditioner installation cost here in Sydney to get your full house serviced.

The idea is to include all the rooms in your house.

Below is a discussion of air conditioning systems you can have in your home.

Split air conditioner

This system consists of two units—an indoor and outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is typically fixed outside the room and has the expansion valve, condenser and compressor. The indoor unit, on the other hand, houses the evaporators and the cooling fan.

The split air conditioner needs no slots in the room. In fact, modern versions do not even take the space of a window unit, but they can serve only two rooms.

Packaged air conditioner

If you are looking to cool a large space or more than two rooms, the packaged air conditioner system is the way to go. It can have all the components of the cooling system in a single box, which then would rely on a high capacity blower to regulate the temperatures in a room.

Alternatively, the condenser and compressor could be in one casing and the other parts installed in different places.

Central air conditioner

The central air conditioning system best serves big buildings, hotels, and factories. It comprised of a huge compressor with the capacity to supply hundreds of tons of air. Consequently, it serves as a feasible option for big rooms, galleries, and malls.

An air conditioner in your home will increase your efficiency and comfort. It cleans the air inside, giving you and your household protection from respiratory diseases and allergies. The trick is getting the right system in place to enjoy the benefits without paying more in energy bills than you have to.