11 July 2016
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Three Vital Processes for Effective Water Clarification

Water Treatment PlantMost of the water that flows into our homes contains various contaminants either in soluble or insoluble form. The soluble contaminants are usually minerals the water absorbs or dissolves as it flows. The insoluble contaminants include dust, soil, and leaves. The larger insoluble particles are easier to remove from the water through filtration, unlike the fine particles.

Clarification Process

Often, fine particles found in surface repel each other since most of their surfaces are negatively charged. To separate the particles, the water has to go through a clarification process. The pros from ashtuck.com share that the entire clarification process may include coagulation, sedimentation, and flocculation and is known as conventional clarification. Clarification process removes all kinds of sediments, organic matter, particles, and colour.


Coagulation involves the addition of iron or aluminium salts. These salts neutralise the negative charge on particles and hydrolyze the insoluble precipitates. Water-soluble organic polymers that contain ionised sites can also effect coagulation.


During flocculation, the decentralised particles during coagulation aggregate to form large precipitates through slow and gentle mixing. Flocculation takes about 45 minutes and takes place in different compartments. The mixing speeds vary with the basins and often as water flows from the top to bottom of the basin the speed decreases.


After flocculation, the agglomerated particles enter a clarifier unit. The particles then float are removed through sedimentation or are skimmed from the surface. Through sedimentation, most solids settle by gravity. Sedimentation occurs in circular or rectangular basins that contain inclined basins which increase the surface area for sedimentation, making the process more effective. Filtration then removes the remaining materials.

For an effective water clarification process, it is good to acquire quality clarifier or thickener units from leading water treatment equipment suppliers. Your clarifier like any other machine will need regular maintenance to keep performing its role. In case you need to renovate an old thickener or clarifier, a retrofit drive unit is a suitable and economical solution.

2 June 2016
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Why a Career in the Water Treatment Industry is a Great Option

Water Treatment IndustryWater treatment is a rapidly growing industry. If you are looking for a good career that will assure you of your job security, then this might just be what you need. Almost every day there is a new water treatment equipment being invented, for instance, the package plant.

Ashtruck.com shares the following are reasons you should consider a career in the water treatment industry.

Recession Proof

Water is a basic necessity in life, and therefore, the demand for water will always remain constant or keep going up. Hence, this gives the water treatment industry proof against changes in the economy which can lead to adverse effects like recession. Therefore, you will have a secure career that can stand the test of time.

Help the Society

As much as money is the major motivation fueling your choice of a particular career, why not choose a career that will also benefit the society? Millions of people are struggling to access clean water, and the trend will not cease any soon. The fulfillment you will get from helping other people will be tremendous. It’s one of the best feelings you will ever experience.

Relocation Options

Water is not like other commodities that only have a steady market in specific areas. This means that you can easily move around as much as you like and your career prospects will still be intact. This is unlike other jobs which may have grave consequences if you ever decide to move.


Apart from the great pay that water treatment jobs attract, they also have other extra benefits like vision insurance, medical insurance, public pensions among others. This is because water treatment facilities are mostly publicly owned. In addition, you will also get fully paid holidays. You will comfortably travel around knowing your income is secure.

Gone are the days when people concentrated on a few lucrative jobs. The water industry offers good job opportunities that most people are not even aware of.