17 May 2017
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A Weekend in Bath: Where to Go, What to Do

City of BathIn Jane Austen’s novels, she never fails to give her vivid imaginings of countryside living. Although her immense imagination ought to be credited for these literary accomplishments, it is also worth noting that she most likely received enough inspiration from her immediate surroundings: from 1801 to 1806, Jane Austen lived in Bath, Somerset.

The City of Bath is part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Founded by the Romans in the 1st Century AD, the City’s Palladian architecture and Roman baths are some of its most popular attractions. If you are in need of physical and mental rejuvenation—something that tourists have been raving about Bath for many years—a short break or getaway in Bath could give you just that.

Two-Day Bath Break

Getaways in Bath are ideal, as the City is only a 90-minute train ride from London. Of the many things you can do in the City, a visit to the Roman baths is always on top. A visit should always include seeing the Grand Pump Room, what remains of the Roman temple, and the Museum.
You should also not miss the City’s Georgian attractions, such as Bennett Street’s Assembly Rooms and the Royal Crescent along Brock Street. A visit to the Prior Park Landscape Garden, with its panoramic view of the city, is the best way to end a short break in Bath.

Book it

The city has a wide selection of hotels and accommodations. You can find comfortable hotels, hostels, and bed and breakfasts that suit your style and budget. Before you comfortably sneak into your room, why not visit Bath’s famous bookshops and pick a book or two? Bath Old Books along Brock Street and the Bath Guildhall Market’s Skoobs are places that will give you the best company for your weekend staycation.

17 April 2017
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Travel Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Man opening the hood of a carTravelling can be a joyful experience to many. You can explore new sights, visit new places, and gain a new perspective on culture and life in general. It is a fact that New Zealand citizens are a travelling bunch, and if you want to make the most out of your travels, you need to avoid a few mistakes.

Avoid car troubles

Car troubles can mean significant problems for travellers. Luckily, if your vehicle breaks down, you can trust in a mobile car repair shop. Make sure to have the number for professional mobile car repair on hand. If you forget the number or do not take it with you, it could leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Do not travel with outdated information

Make sure you update your personal data before you go. The relevant personal information you will need to update includes information about your name, phone number, address, finances, and personal health.

If something were to happen to you while you are vacationing, you want to make sure authorities can properly treat you and notify relatives if necessary.

Make sure you do not over pack

Whether you plan to fly or drive, make sure you do not over pack for your trip. If you are flying, you may have to pay for additional baggage costs if you over pack. If you are driving, you could eat up valuable space in your vehicle by packing too much.

Keep in mind that you will not wear all the clothes you plan to bring and many hotels offer laundry services that you can use while on vacation.

Know the rules of the road

Although the laws of the road are standard across regions in New Zealand, some places have different rules that you need to know when travelling. Knowing the rules of the road can help you avoid an unnecessary accident.

Make sure your vacation and travel experience is both fun and memorable by following the advice given above. Avoiding mistakes can help steer your travels away from unnecessary disaster.