14 January 2016
The Daily News

Parenting Tips: Handling Your Young Adults When On A Trailer Road Trip

 Road Trip in Australia Feeling a little disconnected with your teenage kids? Want to give some quality time with them after long months of working for their future? If you want to take them outdoors on a trailer trip, here are some survival tips to remember when dealing with young adults.

Literally, Take Them Out

Even if your kids are introverted by nature, research suggests too much time indoors can make them more prone to sickness and have less resistance to allergies. For example, Classic Hire suggests encouraging them to step outside of the trailer when you make stops. Have barbecues and picnics instead of having your meals inside the cabin. Find something that coincides with your youngsters’ tastes and work with that.

Respect Their Opinion

Simply telling your children where you are going and what you will be doing for the summer will not do to increase relationship values with them. Ask them what they’d like to go during this trailer road trip. Find out what else they’d like to do besides camping out and watching Perth’s sunrises and sunsets. If they agreed to a hire a trailer and join you on this trip, be supportive of what they want to do during their free time. That would be the first step for them to stay open and communicative with you.

Communicate Directly

Young adults nowadays can’t wait to step out of the ‘training wheels’ stage. Having someone chaperone them might further upset them or even discourage them from opening up to their own parents. If this trip is meant to be spent within the immediate family members, avoid having a third wheel included to act as your teenager’s mediator. Personally give them the time and attention they need.

Parenting is a skill that few people automatically get. Just because you have a child doesn’t mean you’re a master at knowing what your kids require of you. Use this time out on the road to communicate and connect with them. If it’s done right, this trip will become memorable enough for them to make you their role model when they become parents too.