15 May 2017

Other Than Diamonds: Options for the Budget-Conscious

Black and white photo of wedding ringsIn jewelry, particularly in rings, the precious stone is often the most important part. Due to strong marketing and influence, people around the world have long considered the diamond as the best choice when it comes to engagement rings. This same marketing success is the reason you are familiar with the phrases “Diamonds are forever” and “A diamond is a girl’s best friend.”

The truth is that you have plenty of options other than diamond.

Choosing an engagement ring

When choosing an engagement ring for your woman, you may consider the popular practice these days of having her choose the ring with you. The advantage of this practice is you are less likely to make the mistake of choosing a ring that she doesn’t like or having to return it to the store because it’s the wrong size.

But there are disadvantages too. One is not having the element of surprise on your side. Even if you surprise her with a trip to the jewelry store, that still does not compare to getting down on one knee or putting the ring on top of a slice of cake.

If your budget is limited and she chooses a ring that’s worth three times your budget, you might have to ask her to choose another or be forced to buy the ring and incur a huge debt.

What if you chose something other than a diamond?

You can be more creative with your choice of an engagement ring, especially if you are on a budget. For example, if she seems to love rubies and usually buys jewelry with rubies set on them, then it may actually be the best choice. Choose what she likes and what complements her style.

If you want the kind of sparkle that the diamond gives off but don’t want to blow three months’ salary, you have another option: moissanite jewelry.

Moissanite takes its name from Henri Moissan, the French chemist who discovered the naturally occurring silicon carbide from a meteor crater in 1893. Due to its similarity with diamonds, the moissanite grew in popularity as a less expensive alternative and has since been synthesized in laboratories, as the original silicon carbide is extremely rare.

You don’t have to be swayed by marketing, especially if you are conscious of your budget. After all, it’s hardly wise to incur a debt for a ridiculously expensive diamond engagement ring when you have to think of your life together soon as you start a family. If you are the practical type, then choosing a good alternative to diamond is a wise decision, as you can use the money you save to support the family you’re about to build.