27 July 2015
The Daily News

The Rise of The Middle Man Site

Online shoppingThere was a time when going on the internet was like visiting the Wild West. It was chaotic, every man fended for himself, and no one knew whom to trust. Fortunately, the maps of internet land have been drawn and people know where to find the things they need online. But, the web still has a bit of that chaos in its system, in the sense that everything can shift at the drop of a hat.

The Expanding Internet

Let’s look at the e-commerce industry as an example. When people want to buy something they go to either Amazon or straight to the website of the company they’re shopping from. Online shopping is a simple and straightforward process, but what happens if either one or both of those channels don’t give people what they want right away?

The beauty of having everything on the internet mapped out is that people don’t have to go through hundreds of pages just to find one thing. But catalogs can become so vast that it can sometimes feel like it takes forever just to make a single purchase. This is exactly why middlemen companies like usaddress.com are starting to spring up around the internet.

Introducing the Middle Man

This is a new classification of online service as they partner with established online destinations, and offer people an alternative method of a specific service. With the USaddress example, they focus on delivery within the United States.

On its face, the idea doesn’t make a lot of sense; why would anyone go to a different website to get an item delivered from a place that already offers the service? The principle is similar to an online version of the travel agency model.

Creating a Service Bottle-Neck

Travelers can easily buy their tickets and other trip requirements straight from the people that sell them. But, going to a travel agency will give them the opportunity to take advantage of bundles, as well as finding everything they need in one convenient location. Instead of going to Barnes&Noble, Bloomingdale’s, and American Outfitters for the things you need, get them delivered from a middleman site.

The internet is a vast place and people are only just appreciating the lands that exist within it, including all the spaces in between.