3 February 2016
The Daily News

Where to Stay During the Construction of Your New Home

New Home The building of a new home is an exciting time for you and your family. In the heat of the moment, you may forget a few important things, such as where you’re supposed to stay while construction of the new house is underway.

Here are a few reminders to help you stay on track and not outdoors.

No place to stay at the construction site

This is important for those who are tearing down a house to build a new one in its place, or for those who are moving out of their old house or rented residence even before construction of the new house has begun or is completed. You need a place to stay.

Find an affordable hotel near the construction site so you can still visit the site frequently to monitor the progress and to receive any material delivery. This is trickier if you have a big family, a pet, or many belongings. A hotel may not accept all. So if you do need a place to stay while construction is ongoing, you may have to talk to a relative who can let you stay at their place for the meantime. You can also rent an apartment with a short contract. Time the expiration of the contract with the schedule of your home construction. Talk to your contractor about the tentative date when you can move in.

Moving in halfway through the construction

Some families will want to move in even before the construction is done. This is fine if you don’t mind the noise, dust, debris and materials lying around, and the presence of the construction crew. Plastic sheets can separate your temporary living areas. Have a temporary bathroom built if the permanent one is not ready. You can look for a construction tent rental in Minneapolis, MN – such as Apres Party & Tent Rental – where some of your less sensitive belongings can stay for now. This may also serve as your pet’s temporary stomping grounds, or a place for you to stay and watch the construction. You may need several tents, as these are particularly useful during construction.

Moving into your half-finished house is not advisable if you have a baby. It’s also bad for children especially if they have a condition that makes them sensitive to dust or noise.