4 May 2017

Hair Cuts and Marketing: How to Make Your Shop Popular

Busy hairdressers servicing clients Over the years, numerous hairstyles have taken the world by storm. From sleek ones to weird ones, men from different parts of the world are not afraid to try different styles on their hair. This makes a barber’s job so important.

Is being a popular hair stylist or barber your ultimate dream? Clients would like to know more about you and your expertise. Providing important information, such as the barber school you went to in Salt Lake City or the awards you received over the years is advisable.

But the right marketing strategies can also help you get the kind of exposure your business needs.

Here are some effective ways to market your barbershop:

Know your community

Barbershops are local businesses; therefore, it is important to know your community. Build contacts with local media by leaving your calling cards in their office. Provide contact details to local stores and distribute flyers. Identify your target clients' wants and needs. Do these and people will get to know your business in no time.

Establish your brand

Knowing your niche is important to establish your brand. Are you targeting the older generation, kids, working professionals, or teens? Determining which group your services would cater will help you know how you would establish your brand, from having a logo to drafting your slogan and marketing campaign.

Create offline and online campaigns

Once you have an established brand, it's time to create online and offline campaigns. Post an ad in your local newspaper, radio, and television stations. Have flyers and posters on the road to increase your visibility in the community. Do not forget to market your barbershop on social media and have your online presence felt.

These three basic marketing steps might be simple, but they can truly boost your barbershop’s popularity and profit. Before you know it, you'll be a step closer to your dream.