28 July 2015
The Daily News

Shelves and Compartments: Space Saving Options for Granny Flats

Granny flats are homes that are usually reserved for elderly family members. Normally these houses have enough space, but with additional features you can maximise the floor area. Adding space doesn’t always require extensive constructions. Here are a few tips to expand your granny flat’s living area.

Shelf It

granny flats in PerthOne of the simplest and most affordable ways to add space is adding shelves. A shelf will make it easier to save space in a granny flat as well as make books, pottery, art supplies or clothes more accessible for the elderly.

Remember that some of the older people living in that granny flat will either have a stooped posture or use a wheelchair.  Keep the shelves at a lower level so elders will not strain themselves by standing or crouching.

In the Closet

Another great way to save space in your Perth granny flat is to keep things out of sight with a wall closet. Have a hollowed out pillar with small shelves that slide out. To get more space, a sliding wall is an excellent addition. It doesn’t have to be as big as a walk-in closet but it does need to be spacious.

Not-So-Secret Compartments

If shelves feel too ordinary and closets are too costly, try the middle ground: build into the furniture itself. You’ve seen them online before, those custom built tables, chairs, sofas and even beds that have built-in shelves and sliding compartments. Consult an architect or download plans online.

Perth is quite familiar with granny flats so if you need more advice to expand your limited space, feel free to contact professional builders. This is not only a place where your elderly loved ones live; it is also an investment.