30 July 2015
The Daily News

With Great Electricity Comes Great Responsibility

electricityWhat a lonely planet it must have been before electricity came into reality. Imagine an evening with no lights, no TV and no smartphone. You have all the time in the world to talk face-to-face, and that may not be all bad, but from what you have seen so far in the news and elsewhere, it isn’t that good either.

Luckily, that dystopic notion of a society is all just fantasy. Still, what many fail to realize is that with everything that electricity offers comes great responsibility. Sadly, however, when people realise that they have reneged on this promise to be responsible, it’s already too late. Their lives have suffered.

The Spider-Man of Things

Electricity is like Spider-Man: it makes lives easier. It powers your hair dryer; it allows you to use your PC; it distributes wonderful things all over the house. And that’s just for starters. Soon, all sorts of robots and artificial intelligence will be running the household.

But like the Spider-Man in the movies, electricity and its power can be misused. As North Carolina’s Electric Cooperative so aptly points out, ‘modern day appliances have given the boogieman a new makeover: electricity’.

As powerful as electricity is, it can be harnessed, however.

Keeping the Basics

Engineering Supplies says that there are many ways to prevent accidents in the home because of electricity. One good start is to make sure your sockets, plugs and electrical terminals are secure, free from any overload or open wires, frayed or worn electric cords.

As for the dreaded electric shock, a most effective method is to utilise a safety switch called residual current device (RCD), paired with your household fuse. RCD is a lifesaver. It cuts power off in but a fraction of a second when electric current passes through a person.

Electricity is like fire: it is a great servant, but a terrible master. Use it properly, and prevent injuries stemming from its use.