5 January 2016
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Clean Offices Mean Impressive Quality of Business

Office in JandakotThe office is a reflection of the company’s products and services. Don’t give your guests the wrong impression by showing them how dirty the workplace is. They might think you don’t have a keen eye for detail, or relate your practices with your dedication to the project.

Having a dirty office will not leave a good impression. Worse, applicants may think twice about working with you. Here are some ways to keep your workplace clean and impressive.

Go green

Keeping your office clean doesn’t have to be an expensive weekly activity. Use simple items you can find at your home to clean your desk. From baking soda to lemon, you can scrub surfaces and bring back their shine.

For some serious cleaning, you may need to invest in high quality cleaning products such as microfibre cloth and spray nozzles to apply cleaning ingredients easily. In Jandakot, Kwikskips.com.au recommends hiring skip bins and scheduling a weekly clean-up of your office. Having skip bins ready may help you transport a big bulk of trash accumulated for a week.

Disinfecting your work area should also be a habit. Keep some alcohol or sanitiser on your desk.


Your desk may not be dusty, but it can still suffer from disorderliness. Things piling up on your desk are never a good sight for you or for any guest. Maximise the use of your cabinet or introduce dividers, so you can segregate your files. Look over your papers and see which ones are no longer of value to your current tasks.

Half of your paperwork may be old files you don’t need anymore. Having your very own trash bin underneath the table can make the transfer of junk easily.

Keeping the work environment clean and clutter-free promotes productivity.