23 December 2015
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Heguru: Enrich Your Child’s Learning at an Early Age

Child Development in Singapore ‘The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 years turn out.’ This is a quotation from renowned American businessman Bill Gates.

In this statement, he emphasises the crucial role of early childhood education in the learning process of a child. Even Singaporean authorities agree, and they are encouraging early schooling through grants. Since preschool education can shape the knowledge formation process of your child, it is important to invest early on brain training centres to enrich your child’s learning.

Importance of Early Learning

Early childhood learning is more essential than other stages of brain development. Researches show that your neurons develop at the fastest rate from ages 3 to 5.

At this age range, the brain achieves its highest capacity to receive and transmit electric signals that translate to new information. It is easier for a child to learn a skill during his preschool years because the neurons are actively working to improve cognitive function.

Heguru Method

According to Hegurueducation.com.sg, the Heguru method is a unique brain development technique that increases a child’s acuity in recall, comprehension and analysis. It focuses on strengthening the brain’s ability to learn information in various settings. Both sides of the brain are trained to adapt in effective knowledge acquisition.

Left Brain Training

The left side, which contains the dominant lobes of the brain, functions in performing logical tasks. It is responsible for the systematic process of verbal and analytical thinking. Early left brain training is essential to excel in several preschool subjects such as science, language and mathematics.

Right Brain Training

The right hemisphere is responsible for non-verbal knowledge, such as arts and creative thinking. This facilitates quick thinking upon seeing pictures, drawings and colours. Right brain training during the preschool age helps a child discover his three-dimensional and artistic senses.

Early brain development is crucial if you want your child to excel at a young age. Your child must receive the right brain training methods to explore his full potential.