Smile More: Women Find it More Attractive

2 couples smiling while carrying bagsWhen you want to spark meaningful relationships through dating, you, along with other men, naturally have to make yourself attractive to women, and you can easily do so by simply smiling. One study shows that smiling men appear more desirable.

Another study shows that smiling men on online dating platforms receive more “likes” and more dates.

Smile Better

Of course, some men may be ashamed of their smiles because of unsightly teeth. You can easily remedy that issue if you suffer from the same predicament.

A cosmetic dentist here in Meridian such as those from Scott W. Grant, DMD can easily give you veneers, provide you with teeth whitening, or recommend you for Invisalign treatment. Cosmetic dentistry can fix your smile in no time.

Once you have a better smile, you can then smile all you want on dates or, at least, on dating platforms. When you smile, show off your teeth as women find closed-mouth smiling men less attractive according to study of the dating app below. Keep your head straight as well instead of tilting it when smiling.

Smile to Be More Desirable

Now, the first study mentioned above comes from the journal Evolutionary Psychology back in 2015. The research conducted an experiment wherein 71 heterosexual females judged photos of men with smiling or neutral facial expressions.

The women deemed the smiling men as better candidates for long-term relationships or even marriage.

Smile for More Online Dating Power

The second study comes from a dating app that studied the data from its own dating platform. According to the study, some 79 percent of men who receive the most “likes” are smiling with visible teeth.

The dating app’s most popular men predominantly have wide smiles in their primary profile pictures, around four out of five of them.

With all this data, you now have more reason to smile when you date. Smiling makes you more endearing and approachable to women. At the same time, you can be more confident, less stressed, have more energy, and communicate better when you smile. You may just find love soon when you keep on smiling.