Simple Ways to Improve Your Cooking

Image of onion being cut on a wooden board with a knifeWhile you can sometimes trick yourself into thinking that what you’re eating tastes better than it actually does by decorating your table or doing simple dining ceremonies, there are days when your taste buds just can’t be fooled.

If you’re done with tricks, here are ways to enhance the flavor of your food, borrowed from the techniques of the pros.

Go-to Ingredients

Sometimes it’s only a matter of adding simple solutions, such as:

  • Herbs – Mother Nature gave you the most potent enhancers of flavor in the form of herbs, and you’d be the fool of the century for not using them. The secret lies in perfect matchings: basil with fish and salads; dill with soups and chicken; mint with eggplants and lamb; oregano with pasta and beef; and rosemary with rice and pork. The possibilities are endless.
  • Spices -If you want to make your food taste like elaborate concoctions while giving your body therapeutic benefits, spices are the way to go. Spices that should be declared kitchen staples include ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, chilli pepper, and garlic.
  • Oils – Another way to indulge your taste buds in diverse tastes is by using different types of oil. You have a broad range of choices from the more familiar like olive oil and coconut oil to the more exotic variants like ghee, Asian sesame oil, and grapeseed oil.

Cooking/Preparation Techniques

Once you have perfected the use of herbs, your next move is to imitate the cooking techniques practiced by the pros.

  • High-heat cooking – If you’ve seen an episode or two of the Masterchef, you probably noticed frantic grilling, pan-searing, or boiling of meat or fish on high temperature. The reason for this is flavor enhancement.
  • Small amounts of strong flavors – Most professional chefs know how to sprinkle just the right pinch of whatever it is they use to enhance their cooking.
  • Bases and paste – If you buy a lobster base, the experiments you can do in the kitchen becomes endless. This is one professional hack: stacking up on reliable pastes, bases, and other condiments.

Now that you know these kitchen secrets, dice those onions and make some edible magic.