Sculpt More than Sand Castles in Siloso Beach

Singapore travel - Aerial view of beach in Sentosa island, Singapore.Singapore is a global commerce, finance and transport hub. Singapore destination.When looking for cool places to visit here in Singapore, you can head on to Sentosa. You just missed the celebration of the island’s 45th anniversary this early September, but do not fret. You can still do many things featuring different activities that highlight the sand and beaches of the island.

You can catch a light show with the Merlion as the centrepiece, or you can watch a South East Asian beach volleyball championship. You can also chomp on scrumptious food offerings.

If all else fails, you can simply relax at Siloso Beach. For a one-of-a-kind experience, you can make a sand sculpture if you are up to the task. Do you want to learn how to make one?

Material and Location

The sand at Siloso Beach makes for great sand sculpting material given the beach’s fine sand. You can find your sculpting location next. Place yourself a little above the recent high tide to keep your sculpture safe from the rising tide.


Next, you need a shovel for a sculpture higher than your kneecaps. You also need large buckets such as 5-gallon plastic paint buckets. You can remove the metal handle and the bottom of the bucket to make a casting tool for sculpting. You can smooth the edge of the cut bottom with sandpaper afterwards.

Sand Preparation

You can begin preparing your sand now. Place the casting bucket upside down. Fill it with around four inches of sand, submerge it in water, pack the sand down with a hand or a foot, and repeat until you reach about two inches from the top.

Smack the bucket’s bottom on opposite sides all around, and pull it straight up to reveal your sand base.


You can now sculpt with your hands or tools. Let your imagination run wild. As you sculpt, carve from top to bottom. Carve toward the centre if you want to leave crisp edges. Use a spray bottle too for easier sculpting.

You can start small to practice your sand sculpting. You may soon find yourself invested in it and enjoying on Siloso Beach.