Safety First: List of PPE for Sandblasting

A worker working in a sandblast workshopSandblasting is the process of removing dirt or smoothening a surface using water or strong air pressure. The effects of the process, as well as the process itself, can take its toll on a person’s health.

While there are no concrete safety measures and standards for sandblasting, Euro-Blast NZ Ltd noted that personal protective equipment (PPE) could still help make the job safer. Safety should be a priority and here is a list of PPE that every sandblasting worker, as well as people in the area, should have:


Dust and dirt produced by sandblasting are composed of harmful objects and chemicals. Therefore, it is important to have the right respiratory gears to make sure that the person does not inhale all the toxic chemicals. Respirators should specifically be made for usage in highly contaminated areas like sandblasting workplace.

Hearing protection

One of the most common health issues that workers face is hearing problems. Although hearing loss is not something that is immediately experienced, protecting your ears from too much noise produced by the machine should never be forgotten nor taken for granted.

Body protection

Debris, dust, and other particles have a huge tendency to fall off and hit people in the vicinity. That is why protective body gear, which usually includes a vest and gloves, should always be worn when working with sandblasting equipment or is in the area.

Eye protection

Goggles designed to protect your eyes from the dust produced in the process should be worn at all times. Lack of proper eye protection can lead to serious complications like blindness.

Safety shoes

Safety boots specially designed for workers in the construction should be worn. This will not only protect one’s feet from objects but can also prevent slipping in the working area.

Working on sandblasting or other types of construction? Always make your safety a priority. Have the right PPE for your type of work.