Report: Average Car Shopper Wants Smartphone Compatibility

car seller explaining the car's smartphone compatibilityWhen it comes to car shopping, the average buyer in North America will pay a premium for a vehicle if it is compatible for smartphone use, according to a Strategy Analytics report.

The report suggested that car companies might offload their vehicles faster with smartphone compatibility as their selling point. Infotainment systems, for instance, have already been the go-to option for some manufacturers.

Market preferences

U.S. car buyers prefer vehicles that are equipped with Android Auto technology. Strategy Analytics Senior Analyst Derek Viita said that the trend might negatively affect embedded navigation suppliers and OEMs, as American drivers will be prepared to use Android Auto for their infotainment preferences.

Also, drivers want to use the same apps on their smartphone while driving due to being familiar with them, even when their car has a preloaded system. For instance, most drivers want a car that can pull up their Google Maps history on their phone, instead of tinkering with a new setup suited for driving the vehicle.

Energy-saving tips

For car drivers in Utah, driving a smartphone compatible-car can be challenging due to harsh weather conditions. These factors affect fuel consumption and overall performance. The reality, however, involves repair and maintenance that can extend the lifespan of your vehicle.

Some ways to do so include not skimping on car parts. This is also applicable if you own side-by-sides in Salt Lake City, according to Southpaw Motorsports. You should invest in authentic and branded parts such as belts and hoses. Since winter in Utah can be tough, pay attention to the occurrence of rust in your vehicle. These preventive measures will allow you to drive your car for up to 200,000 miles

Whether or not you intend to buy a smartphone compatible-car, proper care and maintenance remain important for any vehicle to avoid paying unnecessary repairs.